Welcome to the Royal Britannia Kindergarten (RBK) where the foundation of our programme is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum of the United Kingdom with strong focus in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education.

Our mission is to be the leading, culturally diverse and family-oriented international preschool with English as the principal language of instruction.

We inspire young learners to develop their intellect, creativity and character to become independent, adaptable, socially responsible and internationally minded citizens, by ensuring a dynamic, enquiry-driven education of the highest standard.

Welcome to RBK.

Here at RBK, we combine teachers’ involvement in EYFS curriculum development with their knowledge of appropriate practice, understanding and utilising the very latest pedagogy. EYFS teachers integrate assessment and curriculum to ensure all areas of each child’s development are addressed: social, emotional and cognitive. We assess each child’s progress as we teach the curriculum with results used to adapt curriculum to meet their learning needs; communicate with their families; and evaluate our programme’s effectiveness.

In addition to learning the outcomes taught in the units of study, our preschool children are encouraged to be curious and inquisitive. Respecting self and others, working through differences, and being part of a group are important as teachers and children build community in their classrooms.

We understand the importance of children assuming responsibility for their actions and see it as essential for their success. We also understand the importance of our children developing a positive self-identity, compassion and tolerance for those whose perspectives and experiences may be different than their own. We have designed our programme so that the children feel competent in themselves as learners.

We teach so that children will thrive on their journey to Primary School. We have developed a rich, responsive curriculum; assess children’s learning and development and have created a nurturing, caring community in order to prepare our children for meaningful lives full of potential and possibility.

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